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Flat Roofing Services

When choosing a flat roof specification it is important to choose the right materials for the project.

Questions need to be answered…

  • What guarantee is required?
  • Elastomeric or Oxidised?
  • Which is better and why?
  • Pour and Roll or Torch on, insulated or not?
  • Fully bonded?
  • Single ply membrane or cold applied liquid
  • The list is endless…

Flat Roofing - WaveyExtensive stocks of the most popular brands of bitumen roofing felts single ply and liquid waterproofing allow us to be both flexible and efficient when it comes to offering the right materials for the project.

Oxidised and elastomeric, for pour and roll or torch on applications are available for immediate delivery. As well as felts we also stock keg bitumen, gas, and all ancillary items.

Flat RoofingShould you require asphalt, it’s no problem for the Burton Roofing Team! We carry stock of roofing grade asphalt, asphalt pots, sheathing felt and trim, in fact everything you require to complete the job.

We are happy to carry out dilapidation surveys, reports and specifications or simply calculate your requirements for your flat roof specification.

With same day local delivery and extensive national coverage.

Insulation Services

Insulated RoofingWith today’s building regulations, energy consciousness on the rise and the threat of global warming at the front of environmental priorities, the market share of Insulation continues to grow.

In response to that demand Burton Insulation Services was formed with a particular mission…

“To distinguish Burton Roofing as a proactive, entrepreneurial advisor and provider in the insulation marketplace.”

The Burton Roofing Team is on hand to offer expert impartial advice on all aspects of insulation for both flat and /or pitched roofs. We also offer cut-to-falls design services including survey, design and fabrication. With CAD 2 CAD we can service tapered enquiries quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss producing full working drawings.

We have access to most popular insulants including PUR/PIR rigid foam, Rock, Cork, extruded and expanded polystyrene available in tapered for problem areas. We also carry stock of fibreglass quilt loft insulation.

Insulated RoofingA natural progression for our insulation division was the implementation of coloured renders for EWI schemes and we are proud to work with Caparol as our supply partner.

With Health and Safety at the forefront of any specification our thermal calculation and condensation risk analysis service is offered free of charge.